Above: Self-portait, Olympus EVOLT E-500, 2009

My name is Dave and I welcome you to my photography blog.

It’s here where you will see how the world looks through my eyes: the places I go, things I do, moments I savor.

I just started this blog as a means to keep my sanity during my current time of unemployment; I was laid off over a year ago and have yet to find something in the field of writing or proofreading. So hang in there. I promise there will be many, many more images to come. I am now employed although part-time.

In addition, I also have a Flickr Photostream with thousands of pictures (used more or less for sharing with friends and family than anything). But I’ve found that no matter where I shoot, there are only two or three images that stand out in my mind as memorable.

That’s what this blog is for.

Also note that almost all of the shots you see here are simple with little to no trickery involved other than making color adjustments in Photoshop.

Most of my shots aren’t what many would consider spectacular and I’m aware of that. I’m more concerned in capturing the moment in its raw beauty with minimal effects. It’s never anything drastic.

Equipment Used

All of the EXIF data will be posted next to each photo but here’s a rundown of the cameras used to shoot the images you’ll see here:

A Note About Links

Depending on which template I’m using, formatting of this WordPress template can be kind of strange and links are hard to determine at times. It’s for this reason that I will make all related links both bold and italic, otherwise they would blend in with the body text.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions. I promise to answer them as best as I can.

Contact: dave_at_morenoland_dot_com


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